SPIKED! My Young Adult Novel Sold to Vulpine

Delighted to share that SPIKED!, my first Young Adult novel, has been contracted by editor Rowan Thomas at Vulpine Press.

Here’s a preview:

Things are confusing for Thom Wilcox and they are not getting any simpler.

Thom has lived next door to his best friend A.J. Lopez all his life. Ever since they were put in the same playpen as babies, they spent their time together as geeks – watching Star Wars and Star Trek, reading Lord of the Rings and playing video games. But when A.J. becomes obsessed by bad-boy baseball player Jayson “Spike” Tuttman, things get decidedly weird.

With baseball now their major obsession, A.J. declares that his dream is to meet up with his new hero. And as Thom does everything he can to make that happen, he discovers a dream of his own – that he’s in love with his best friend and has to find a way to tell him.

A richly comic and heart-felt coming of age story, told by Thom, age 17, Spiked! tells of his sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant, adventures of discovery.

SPIKED! My Young Adult Novel Sold to Vulpine

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