The Freeze Will Chill You!

Just finished a splendid YA novel by R.D. Stevens.

Good science fiction is never really about the future: it is a funhouse mirror to the present.

Some writers use this to poke fun at contemporary mores; others, more serious minded, issue warnings.

Such is the case with R. D. Stevens’ magisterial The Freeze. Set in 2064, the book is a look at contemporary issues – pandemics, government overreach, immigration, nationalism – through a dystopian lens forty years hence.

Like his previous book, The Journal, Stevens populates his novel with vivid, three-dimensional characters. The reader is fully invested in twin protagonists, and the ride is a harrowing one.

Almost any description would give away too much; but if smart, chilling and human science fiction is what you want, The Freeze will leave you anything but cold. Highly recommended.

The Freeze Will Chill You!

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