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Just one more piece of great news! Yesterday, Cash and Carrey debuted at Number One for New Releases For American Humorous Fiction! Look at the attached screecap! I’m over the moon! You can get a copy here:  

The Lucifer Stone is Getting GREAT REVIEWS

Very, very happy to report that my 1930s pulp-era thriller The Lucifer Stone is getting rave reviews! If you love the classic hero pulps of the era — The Shadow, Doc Savage, G-8 and His Battle Aces — then this book is for you! Have you gotten your copy yet? Order now from Amazon!

The Freeze Will Chill You!

Just finished a splendid YA novel by R.D. Stevens. Good science fiction is never really about the future: it is a funhouse mirror to the present. Some writers use this to poke fun at contemporary mores; others, more serious minded, issue warnings. Such is the case with R. D. Stevens’ magisterial The Freeze. Set in […]

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